Dear @HP – you really messed up

Just today I received an automated email from HP asking me to complete a survey on my recent experience with their technical support team (loyal followers will recall that the experience was less than ideal). What follows is my response because I want this information somewhere other than HP’s internal survey mechanism where who knows what will happen:

“The overall servicing was a complete failure! Not only is the issue not resolved, your technician erased EVERYTHING on my data drive (the drive not being replaced). I have a two hard drive system with an OS drive and a Data drive (two actual hard drives, not one partitioned drive). The OS drive needed to be replaced so the technician swapped out my old drive for the new one and ran the windows recovery disks, but they installed onto my data drive; completely erasing two years of work, and ten years of photos, music, and other data. I have since had to send that drive to a forensics lab to try and recover the data, but have not been able to do so yet. This is completely unacceptable and I can’t understand how such incompetence is allowed to occur. Was the technician at fault? Do your procedures for swapping out an OS drive in a 2 drive system include removing the data drive until after the Windows recovery is complete? Because those are the instructions according the Microsoft Knowledge Base articles and the technician obviously didn’t do that. I have had to reclaim my original, failing OS drive from the technician in order to try and recover at least some of the data (as well as recreate my windows backup, which was erased). So now in addition to my problem not being resolved, I have a hefty bill from my local PC technician because I need to recover pictures of my children as babies, my father in law who passed away a few years ago, and two years’ worth of work. And while we’re at it, why is a hard drive less than two years old failing? My previous Dell computer went four years without an issue and was only upgraded to take advantage of faster systems and newer software.

Prior to this incident I had had no issues with my HP system and would have gladly recommended your company to anyone that asked, but now I would be hard pressed to do so. I trust this survey makes its way deep into your Service Center organization so that you can update your policies and procedures in order to avoid these types of disasters and keep your customers. At this point I find it highly unlikely that I will ever purchase another HP computer again.”

My alter ego works in IT. I understand that you cannot account for every unforeseen circumstance that may arise while working on highly complex systems. And I have to say that the technician that came to my house was very professional and agreed to return my original hard drive so that I could try and extract additional data from it. But man, did they mess up and you can rest assured, I was on the Internet within minutes, registering my disgust throughout the world. Worst episode ever.