Introducing… Milton Busker and The Grim Work

For those of you that have seen me live you have probably noticed that I don’t sound quite like my recordings. While I generally using a lot of effects on my vocals or guitar, you will probably notice that it sounds like there is more than one person playing or singing at various times, and you would be right. Through the magic of modern recording, I’m able to record and play with myself as many times as I want… yes, I know how that sounds. I don’t care.

But when I’m live, it’s just little old me, my guitar, and my iPad – which is limited to whatever buttons I can press with my toes.

So I’ve always wanted to put together a band to assist in bringing what I’ve recorded out to a live audience.

I haven’t done that.

What I have done is connect with a couple of phenomenal players: David Ball is a musician that I met years ago while he was a member of a band called Strung Out (and then Modern Crumb after another band who had lawyers and were also named Strung Out threatened to sue). He plays a solid guitar, a mean, harmonica, and whatever I tell him to sing.

Jom Hammack is a mandolin player that you’ve probably seen ripping it up with various outfits throughout Chittenden County and thought, hey I’ve seen that guy ripping it up on the mandolin before… He also has an uncanny ability to detect vocal harmonies that I never knew existed.

We got together this past summer to play a few tunes at the local Essex Junction Farmer’s Market and had so much fun that we decided to keep playing… Here’s a video of us from that time:

We’re calling ourselves Milton Busker and The Grim Work. We’ll be debuting at Radio Bean this Wednesday at 7PM. We’ll be doing a special set of originals and spoooooooky music since Halloween is only a few days away. I know I’m going to enjoy the hell out of it.