Light Club Lamp Shop – 03.05.18

Tonight’s set list. A lot of covers because I was all by my lonesome and sometimes I just don’t want to sing my own songs.

1. Basement Song
2. A Jerk’s Lament
3. Jesus, Etc. – Wilco cover
4. That Person Aside You
5. Angel Dream (no. 2) – Tom Petty cover
6. The Meanest Thing I’ll Ever Write
7. Jesus in Chains
8. Bones – Michael Kiwanuka cover
9. Dogs at the Door
10. Baby Let My Money Keep You Warm
11. Lost Cause
12. Sixteen Ton Soul
13. Pitseleh – Elliott Smith cover
14. Ordinary Day
15. Made of Stars
16. Redemption on Pearl
17. For Milly ~ With Mostly Squalor
18. Gravity
19. No Surprises – Radiohead cover
20. My Fear of Losing You

Thanks to everyone that came out and to Charlie for running sound. Goodnight.