Light Club Lamp Shop – 04.23.16

Been a while since I’ve done one of these recaps because I am an inconsistent and terrible person. So here goes:

Have you been to the Light Club Lamp Shop in Burlington? If not, go. It’s a wonderful space and this is our second time playing there as Milton Busker and The Grim Work. I can’t say enough good things about it. Here’s what we played:

  1. The Basement Song
  2. That Person Aside You
  3. Baby, Let My Money Keep You Warm
  4. The Meanest Thing I’ll Ever Write
  5. Jesus in Chains
  6. Ordinary Day
  7. Sixteen Ton Soul
  8. No One Needs to Know
  9. Dogs at the Door
  10. Gravity
  11. Lost Cause
  12. Mind This Mind
  13. Glad to See You Go
  14. Let You Down


A funny thing happened after we finished out the last song. We started breaking down and realized we had fifteen more minutes to play. So we did:

  1. Stranger
  2. Ode to Apathy

We hadn’t practiced these songs in a while, but they had great energy and brought us out on a pretty energetic note. I can’t wait to play there again.

Photo from Angela Simpson