Radio Bean 08.23.13

So I’m playing at the Radio Bean tonight. Starts at eight. Ends at nine. Local singer-songwriter Laura Heaberlin is playing prior to and some dude named Dietrich Gosser is playing after. I’m hoping to get there a little early to see Laura play – I’ve seen the name around but haven’t had the opportunity to check her out. Dietrich has a quote on his Facebook profile from the Onion AV Club, so that’s something. Of course, I didn’t follow the link to see if it was legit but I’m sure it is.

…although it is common practice for certain fringe journalists (insane fringe, not Seven Days fringe) to include dubious quotes in their articles by quoting quotes that are quoted in a respectable publication. Insane Person 1 says, “I think babies should be branded with red hot irons to toughen them up”; and then Respectable Journalist writes, “This person (who I will hint is insane but will not say so outright) has said that ‘babies should be branded with red hot irons to toughen them up'” and has it published in the local newspaper; and then Fringe Journalist writes, “Local newspaper wrote that babies should be branded…”.

Now the discerning reader will notice that branding babies is a really strange position for Local Newspaper to take and will do some investigating and discover what Fringe Journalist has done. But Fringe Journalist isn’t writing for Discerning Reader. Fringe Journalist is writing for the person that already believes that branding babies is a good idea and just wants their view confirmed. Meanwhile other news outfits pick up on Fringe Journalist’s story about Local Newspaper branding babies and after a dozen more stories, the original quote from Insane Person 1 has been almost completely masked. You can find it, but you have to search, and who has time for that?

In short, a less principled artist could go to Rolling Stone or NME and write up a glowing review in the comments section, and then quote that as having appeared on Rolling Stone. Not that I would ever do anything like. And I would never link to anything like that at all. That would be wrong.

Anyway, I’m sure Dietrich’s quote is totally legit and I’m interested to see him tonight.

On a totally unrelated note, what the hell is up with the Firefox dictionary? It has ‘profiterole’ but not ‘profile’? That’s messed up.