Radio Bean 10.26.13

Another night at the Bean, and I gotta say I felt pretty good about this show. The crowd was fantastic, primarily because the artist who went before me stuck around. His name was Chris Velan and I was really impressed with his set. He’s got a Boss recording pedal and uses it to layer different guitar parts on top of each other to excellent effect. He also sang a few songs with Ria Mae and they sounded lovely. Lastly, he has a real easy stage presence that I marvel at. Why can’t everyone be awkward and mumbly like me?

Anyway, I also had The Buskerettes on stage with me, and they really brought the eye candy. True, one of the them is five and just makes faces at the audience and the other one is eight and plays her DS on stage throughout the entire set, but they’re much nicer to look at than me.

Tonight’s set:

  1. Gravity
  2. Ordinary Day
  3. Jesus In Chains
  4. Angeles
  5. Pitseleh
  6. Dogs at the Door
  7. The Meanest Thing I’ll Ever Write
  8. Rehearsing Our Goodbyes
  9. Mind This Mind
  10. Glad to See You Go
  11. I Put a Spell on You
  12. War Pigs

I missed the Elliott Smith Memorial Celebration at Radio Bean last week, so I had to throw a couple of his songs into the set. I do Angeles pretty straight, but Pitseleh is an interpretation. It’s out on SoundCloud if you’re interested in taking a listen.

And yes, that is Black Sabbath’s War Pigs. It doesn’t sound like Sabbath, though. It sounds like me covering Sabbath. If I can get someone to capture a video of me playing it, maybe I’ll post it for Halloween.

It was a good night. I was very grateful to the Bean for letting me take the stage and allowing my daughters to share it with me. Next show is Tuesday, November 26. I’ll have to learn some Turkey-themed songs…