Here’s something I do every Friday that, I just realized, I have never explained. Perhaps it needs no explanation, but I’ve learned recently that my communication methods can lead to multiple interpretations. Go figure.

So every Friday, around noon I take a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle and listen to the Radio. But not just any radio – I listen to Pandora radio.

Now as a working musician, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the service; I hate that they pay musicians (the whole reason people use the service) a pittance and I hate that I’m not on there. Search for Milton Busker and you get bubkis and while I’m sure bubkis is a fine band, they’re not Milton Busker. If you want to get better informed about the service and how it’s not exactly the best thing to happen to musicians, David Lowry is your man. It’s eye-opening stuff.

So why do I still use it? It’s very good at what it does – which is creating interesting and relevant playlists related to artists or songs. And I’m optimistic that they will find a way to work with artists to update their pay policies to be more equitable to those who are providing their content. Also, you just might find out about artists you’ve never heard of and start patronizing them, which is one of the arguments I find most convincing (although I’ve never seen any hard evidence about it). Lastly, it’s not Napster or bittorrent.

So I’ve chosen to accept the cognitive dissonance that is Pandora and every Friday I create a radio station based on one artist or song. I then go where Pandora leads me and Tweet the results in real time; I don’t influence the playlist or skip songs. If the music is annoying or rankly offensive or Journey I listen through to the end. If the music is amazing I don’t hit the ‘thumbs up’ to get more like it. I just let it flow and document the results. My goal is to describe the experience in 140 characters. To boil down the essence of the song, the listening experience, and my state of mind to its purest form… and to have fun at the expense of people who are more successful (or just better publicized) than me.

I take suggestions about on whom (or what song) I base the radio station and having folks follow along and interacting is my favorite.

So how do you know I’m #tweetingPandora and not just listening to music? Well, the tweets are always structured as follows:
“Artist. Song Title. Comments #tweetingPandora”

If you follow me on Twitter (if you don’t, why not?) or ‘Like’ me on Facebook, you’ll be a part of the fun. And that’s it. #tweetingPandora explained.