Radio Bean 09.20.14

It seems like it’s been a while since I last played the Bean and I have to say I have missed it. And you missed it too (unless your name is Joe, Tim, Alice, or Wright), but that’s ok. As I said earlier on Twitter, I wasn’t expecting you, but man you missed a fun set.

I had fun. I don’t normally do that. I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy myself or feel good about performing, but I don’t normally have fun and tonight I did. Why? I don’t know. Well, I sort of know; I allowed myself to play around. I had my set list and I didn’t deviate from the songs, but I played around with them a bit – took advantage of the AniMoog and drew out the middle of Ordinary Day, expanded the intro to Dogs at the Door so that the weird noises and odd propulsion could breathe a little more. And I breathed a little more. I played a new song “Ode to Apathy (Ain’t Nothing We Can Do)” which was inspired by all the shit that’s gone down in Missouri; brought out a newish song “No One Needs to Know” inspired by Ted Haggard and people like him who preach about sin while taking advantage of their positions to enjoy that exact thing they say is sinful.

Oh, and I was loud. The bar had to steam some milk and I didn’t even care – that’s how loud I was. It meant I could hear everything I was playing and it was fantastic! To be honest, it may have been a bit too loud, but I did not care. Loud=Good. That’s math, people. Math only ever has one answer and it’s always right. I don’t have any fans that actually know anything about math, right? Good.

But I think the people there enjoyed it. I did. I’m going to keep this “fun” thing going if I can, so you should definitely come to the next show to see what that’s like.

It’s weird… for me.

The Set List:

  1. Ordinary Day
  2. Isham 605
  3. Jesus in Chains
  4. All the Same to You
  5. Dogs at the Door
  6. How to Grow a Woman from the Ground (Tom Brosseau cover)
  7. No One Needs to Know
  8. Ode to Apathy
  9. Rehearsing Our Goodbyes
  10. That Person Aside You
  11. The Basement Song
  12. Let You Down
  13. Mind This Mind

One more thing: if you haven’t heard “How to Grow a Woman From the Ground” – either by Tom Brosseau or The Punch Brothers, go listen to it. It is an astounding piece of songwriting.