Oh My God! They’re still in WAV format!

In the ongoing saga that is my lost data (also known as Fuck-You-Very-Much-HP), I have some good news: The last mixdown of my album prior to the crash is on my iPhone and has been successfully moved back to my computer.


There they are. Aren’t they pretty?

Also, they’re in WAV format, not AIF, MP4, or MP3. This is very good news for me. This means I can pull them back into Pro Tools and tweak them for mastering. It means that not all was lost (on a related note, I’ve been able to recover most of the photos from my hard drive, although it’s a process involving reviewing over 800,000 image files – think every image on every website you’ve ever visited). I’m happy about that.

But naturally I can’t stay happy about anything for long, so let’s look at the downside: there are fixes to the recordings that I will never be able to make. The bass that’s a little too hot in one song can never be pulled down. That vocal track that I was always meaning to re-record is now forever part of this recording.

But I almost don’t care right now. It’s there. It’s relatively whole. It will see an official release.