Milton Busker on How to Win!

Hi there. I’m Milton. Milton Busker. I’d like to take a moment of your time to tell you about this fantastic offer that’s available to anyone that feels like winning. Do you feel like winning? I know you do.

“But Milton, how do I win so hard like you do?”

Easy kids. You attend one of my patented “Milton Busker Sings in Your General Direction” seminars. It’s forty-five to sixty minutes of me, Milton Busker, singing in your general direction and it gives you the power to do something with your life. Something like win.

“But where can I find the next ‘Milton Busker Sings in Your General Direction’ seminar”

I’m glad you asked. The seminars occur all over one location in Burlington, VT. Radio Bean. The next one is February first at 8PM. I guarantee that it will be practically winning with the winningest win you’ve ever winned. Win.



with Milton.